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How to's




  1. Adult level driver must be 18 and over

  2. Business level driver must be 18 and over

  3. Prefabricated or professionally built cars will be ineligible for any awards in the 7-17 level.

  4. Cars must comply with the Mandatory car dimensions.

  5. All cars must have a seat with braced backrest.

  6. Cars must run on four wheels – two front and two rear. All four wheels must touch the ground at all times when racing.

  7. Cars must be equipped with Steering and a Brake.

  8. Cars must be equipped with Steering “Stop Blocks”. Stop Blocks prevent over-steering, the primary cause of accidents on the course.

  9. A properly fitting helmet must be worn. Bicycle, Motorcycle or football helmets are acceptable, elbow & knee pads are optional.

  10. All cars must be inspected before the race, if your car does not fit the criteria of our rules and regulations we reserve the right to disqualify your car.

  11. Cars are allowed two runs each.

  12. No oil lubricants will be allowed (Aerosol spray lubricants will be allowed), oils on a smooth pavement can cause “slip and falls” and we don’t want anyone getting hurt. We also don’t want oil stains on the pavement.

  13. No pets, skateboards, scooters, bikes, etc. which may cause distractions or interfere with the race.




  1. Car Maximum length 5’

  2. Wheel Base Maximum of 4 feet center to center

  3. Maximum Wheel Base of 36” from outside to outside of tires, stay as close to 36” as possible

  4. Wheels must be a minimum of 12” in diameter with rubber track

  5. Car will be held at 12” at the front while on ramp

  6. Car weight must not exceed 100 lbs for all levels

  7. For 7-17 level overall weight car & driver must not exceed 275 lbs

  8. For adult & business level overall weight car & driver must not exceed 400 lbs


Testing Your Car


You should test your car prior to this event to be sure everything is working properly and safe. You want to be sure your driver is comfortable and familiar with the vehicle. Test the car while building so you can make adjustments as needed, test the brakes where there is no danger.

If he car fails and is uncontrollable make proper adjustments and let the driver get used to controlling the car. You want the car to be able to run in a straight line or slight curve and brake well on the big day.



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